Apply for a new job? Recently gain a large online following? Have concerns about your previous social media activity?

Don’t let someone else find your mistakes and have to answer for it later.

How many times have you heard stories of someone losing out on a job or a career altering event because of something they said online a few years ago? How many athletes, actors, politicians, and other public figures had to issue public apologies for a hot take or a dumb comment?

Fixing the issue before it arises is what we do.

It’s better to pay a small financial price now than to pay a LARGE price later.

Make the smart move and let us scrub your miscues.

We will run a detailed report of anything that potential employers, friends, family, or fans would find offensive or troublesome. We return this report and then you decide where to go from there. If you are fine with the report do nothing and run the risk, OR, allow us to Scrub the targeted posts from existence so you can go about your life without concern of backlash.